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We are on a mission to build India’s largest within city EV Goods Mobility Co. The journey that commenced in 2016 using ICE vehicles is rapidly transforming to EV. The objective is being accomplished through a 2 pronged approach on the Demand side –  replacing existing ICE engine vehicles with EV equivalents and identifying fresh use cases.
The Cargo EV space is still in its infancy albeit evolving at a fast pace. Further the dependencies of 3 Wheel only variants, battery capacities and charging infrastructure create a logical barrier to adoption. This is where City Link plays a big role in working both as an adviser and service partner enabling the right product – use case fit.
On the Supply side we are encouraging adoption through first hand running experiences, helping our driver partners develop trust and confidence on EVs. Thereafter we facilitate ownership by working with banks/NBFCs and through other innovative models.


Total No of EV on Road
Total Green Km Travelled
Total Carbon Emissions Saved in Tons


Planned Demand (PnD) – EV

The term Planned Demand means long term contracts with enterprises for within city Goods mobility. PnD EV entails 3Wheel (3W) EV based within city last mile logistics services in select Indian cities. The shift towards EV is driven not only by City Link’s “Think Green, Think EV” mission, but also through an ever increasing demand from our clientele with whom we have long standing relationships. We help customers identify EV use cases and then marry them successfully with right vehicle configurations. Progression to 4W EV awaits launch of feasible variants by manufacturers and City Link is partnered with leaders in the space.

Planned Demand (PnD) – ICE

We commenced services using ICE vehicles that were generally aggregated and occasionally owned to meet specific customer requirements. Although, the Co. is rapidly transitioning to EV, we continue to offer our existing customers with a desired EV and ICE product mix.

Use cases being served

Full Day Engagement (80-120km) : This is a use-case for long range EVs that are loaded once at the origin and expected to carry out multiple deliveries in a day, across a city.
Shift Engagement (Upto 80km): Here the medium range EVs are engaged on shift basis. Once loaded at the origin they deliver the shift manifested deliveries on a milk-run basis. EVs involved under this category may do more than a shift depending upon shift timings and the possibility to charge between shifts.
Multi-Slot Deliveries (Upto 40km per slot): This type of engagement is requested by businesses carrying out multiple short range deliveries with vehicles returning to origin often, for a re-fill.